Natural to Artificial Genomes & Biosystems (NAGBL)
Natural to Artificial Genomes & Biosystems (NAGBL)

NAG-Biosystems: Advances in Life Sciences Innovation, Research & Development

Our fundamental mission is to create disruptive solutions by focusing and solve high risk, high reward type life sciences development and research problems. With our expertise, proven track record of innovation, and attention to detail and service make us an exceptional partner you can trust to deliver new and optimal solutions. We approach problems at multiple levels - from analysis, proposal, and consulting to full implementations in research and product development.  We offer solutions for non-profit and for-profit business entities, foundations, and organizations. Our qualified expertise covers life sciences and medical basic and applied research fields.  

Our Services

Our focus is on disruptive innovation.  Our activity covers numerous aspects of a client's project from data mining/theoretical solutions, research strategy development to implementation. 


Our company designs solutions to diverse biological problems from extracellular matrix engineering to  Artificially Perfused Naturally Vascularized (APNV) 3D multicellular model platforms for various tissues including neuronal and IPSC derived disease models for screening assay development, target validation, from bone to brain. The favorite projects and innovation gallery provide examples from our passionate research interests. The contract-based client's projects are always confidential.


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Favorite Projects

 Longevity research aims to manage healthy aging and the widest spectrum of age-related diseases, originating and evolving from multiple forms of metabolic networks dysfunctionalities and cellular senescence. These processes are fundamentally governed by ROS activity and biology.


Our scientifically formulated SENOLYXTM brands under development aim to enhance ROS homeostasis, drive rejuvenation, healthy aging, improve age-associated disease management, and support lifespan extension. They are specifically tailored to improve conditions as for example frailty, mental fitness, and overall wellbeing.


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NAG-Biosystems LLC.,      (NAGBL)

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NAGBL is a NASA iTECH Cycle 2 Semifinalist.

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